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Return and exchange policy

Instructions and deadlines for returns and exchanges

If you find that the goods are damaged and you need to exchange them, please contact the customer service staff within 7 days from the day you receive the goods, and provide your "name", "order number", "contact number", "name of returned or exchanged goods", " The customer service staff will assist you with the exchange after receiving the information such as the reason for return or exchange and photos. Only one exchange is allowed and there is no refund service.

If the goods are not returned or exchanged in accordance with the instructions and methods of the customer service staff, the store reserves the right to refuse the return or exchange.

Customer service email: 

Return and exchange details

1. All goods are non-returnable and refundable upon delivery, but one exchange of the same/other goods is accepted.
2. Please ensure that the product and its packaging are complete. The replacement product must be unopened and used, or be damaged or malfunctioned by non-human defects, and the original packaging (including outer packaging bag) must be retained intact, otherwise it will not be accepted. Exchange.
3. Only one exchange service is provided for each order. If the customer finds quality problems or defective goods after receiving the goods, he must first notify our customer service staff to carry out the relevant exchange procedures.
Only after confirmation by our customer service staff can it be repackaged and returned to our company. No refund service)
4. Since the product dimensions are clearly marked on the website, customers are advised to carefully read and select the appropriate size before purchasing. Products that have been sold will not be exchanged unless they are damaged.
5. Once it is confirmed that the goods purchased by the customer meet the exchange conditions, a dedicated person will contact you to arrange the relevant exchange procedures. You need to arrange third-party logistics for the relevant exchange by yourself, and the freight must be paid by the customer.
6. Due to hygiene issues, products that have been opened and used cannot be exchanged.
7. No exchange applications will be accepted for pre-ordered/customized products.
8. All product pictures are taken in kind, but the color difference and volume may vary from the customer's perspective. All products are subject to the actual products in the photos. If the customer does not meet their personal preference or the quality is not satisfactory, they can exchange the product once, and the return shipping fee will be paid by the customer.
9. Before placing an order online, please ensure that the recipient's name, phone number and delivery address are correct.

If incorrect address/recipient information is provided, resulting in delayed pickup of goods or risk of third-party theft, the customer will be solely responsible for the losses.  

Exchanges cannot be accepted under the following circumstances:

1. The product appreciation period exceeds seven days.
2. The product has been opened and used, or has been damaged due to human factors, such as stains, malfunctions, damage, wear, abrasions, scratches, and dirt.
3. The outer packaging is damaged.
4. Returned goods with damaged and incomplete packaging and missing accessories.

Contact the customer service staff → Confirm that the exchange is available → The customer sends back the complete, unopened and used product (the shipping fee is paid by the customer) → The customer service staff confirms and sends the new product again

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