The rare Oud, mysterious and full of character, and which adds to the unique bouquet of Yunnan Osmanthus tea, creates captivating charm. In companionship with a powdery aroma and the scorching, smoky wood notes, the base note achieves a uniquely sublime layer.




Prominent Note: Fire Woods, Oud, Sandlwood, Osmanthus.

Burning Time: 70 - 75 hours

310g single-wick candle 

Our wax contained high percentage of coconut oil and other vegetal oils in unique recipes to optimally the diffuse each of our scent. 

Hand-blown clear glass vessel

Handmade in Hong Kong

OUD YUNNAN 雲南烏木 - Perfume Candle 香薰蠟燭

HK$480.00 一般價格

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